Jan 29 2018

summer vacation in perpetuity | oakshades

we hold these truths to be self evident

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Jan 22 2018

To Mars and Back | Doubiago Bishara

Money trees is the perfect place for shade.

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Jan 15 2018

how we out in Europe, spending Euros | oakshades

DREAMVILLE x LONDON at XOYO was one of my favorite concerts ever

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Jan 8 2018

Festival of Life - Yayoi Kusama | oakshades

dear yayoi, thank you for your art.

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Jan 1 2018

15 Hour Flight And No Kangaroos | oakshades

Nov 30 2017

It Belongs To Us | Oakshades

@wave_bandana x @chimington aka fake goons

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Oct 24 2017

Los York | oakshades

Walt Disney’s Business Map (c) 1957

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Oct 13 2017

Still Life |Doubiago Bishara

A drop in time.

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Oct 6 2017

FIENDS in the Corn Belt | oakshades


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Oct 2 2017



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