Sep 19 2016

CNN: P-Square Meets Picasso: How DJ Moma took Afrobeat to the Guggenheim

I always said if Aliens are real and we had some sort of UN for different Planets, Moma would absolutely be one of the representatives of Earth…

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Aug 22 2016

35 Minutes From Home | xboooom

Get it? Got it? Good!

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Aug 15 2016

Fuck. Smoke. Drink. Party. | sniperstreets


Dolla dolla bills.

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Aug 4 2016

Rolling Down A Slippery Slope | oakshades

Hello, this is Doubiago Bishara.

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Jul 25 2016

None Of This Shit Means Anything Without The Fam | oakshades

Chim and Ai.

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Jul 19 2016

Cloudy With A Chance of Gotham | xboooom


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Jul 15 2016

Housewives [Remix] - Bas feat. Ab-Soul

“Housewives” Remix
Bas featuring Ab-Soul

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Jun 28 2016

FADER: The Making Of Bas, Dreamville's Heir Apparent

The Paris-born, Queens-raised rapper outran his past. Now, with J. Cole’s support, he’s got better shot at life…

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Jun 3 2016

Ricochet • Bas featuring The Hics [Official Video]

Bas featuring The Hics
Too High To Riot
Directed by: Scott Lazer for The Super Mookin Fiends

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May 23 2016

La Ciudad de Los Fiends | oakshades

Views from The Canyon.

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