ROMEO • JUNGLE feat. Bas

“worlds colliding. I’ve always been on a mission to work with artists who’s sounds and worlds inspire me beyond rap’s sonic landscape. Jungle been high on that list since a recommendation from a friend when I was in London bout 7 years ago. was and still am completely blown away by their music. Fast forward to Greatest Day Ever festival a few years back, our dressing rooms were down the hall from each other, and I was BIG LIT off tequila so the voice in my head was like “ GO IN THERE N TELL THEM HOW DOPE THEY ARE “. I burst in there like the Kool Aid man and did just that. We linked back up in London and now we got a tuuune. I guess the moral of the story is listen to the tequila voice in your head? Romeo.” – Bas

Romeo by Jungle featuring Bas, available now on all streaming services + official music video.