“As artists we often struggle with how to best use our platform. How to effectively play our part in helping society make positive social change.
That’s what drew me to this story.

Bobi Wine has sacrificed all the comforts of a pop star to challenge Uganda’s dictator of over 30 years in January’s election. He’s been banned from radio or putting on concerts while also facing several attempts on his life, unfair arrests, and harassment by the ruling party. It’s rare if not downright inspiring to see an artist shoulder such a burden. I doubt I could be as brave or selfless. However, what we all can and should do is amplify his story. Amplify the story of the Ugandan people🇺🇬. Amplify the story of all people fighting for free and fair elections on the African continent and worldwide.

This story is incredibly important and grows more urgent by the day.

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